Unique lines

In addition to our standard product lines, we respond quickly to a client’s requirements, including providing

  • stainless steel Shelby tubes, in various lengths in 3 or 4” diameter, with a thin wall option
  • U70 steel tubes made in a high tolerance material, engineered in various lengths with API drive head supplied
  • hydraulic piston extruders are offered with table stands and a level control box. We also supply hydraulic hoses that have two adaptors with pushers.

Bespoke designs
Drilling Supplies UK manufactures various types of clamping systems. The systems are used to hold the steel casing in place temporarily so work can continue unimpeded. Some of our standard designs are solid round spider bowls, linked spider bowls and a hydraulic clamp set, although we regularly work with a client to engineer a specific design. We can also produce basic pipe clamps for our plastic pipe range.

As well as standard product lines, we can provide engineering solutions to a client’s requirements and drawings. We manufacture stillages from simple warehouse to offshore-liftable designs, with accompanying load certificates. Additionally, we produce various mud recirculation tanks, often working closely to a customer’s requirements.