Mini-rig tooling

Owing to the ongoing pandemic and intermittent restrictions and the knock-on economic effects, clients’ site investigation budgets are reduced. As a result, less invasive site investigations are becoming more common. Mini rigs are a cost-effective solution for gaining site investigation results and can achieve depths of up to 10 metres. This is done by dropping a 63.5 kg weight repeatedly onto an anvil that knocks the drill string into the ground. Drilling Supplies UK manufactures in-house tooling for the rigs.

We stock windowless sample barrels in various sizes

Bolt-on product range
We also stock a standard product range, including

  • sacrificial and dynamic probe super heavy (DPSH) cones
  • Whitworth and quick start rods
  • dynamic probing rods
  • complete windowless barrels
  • rod spanners
  • new prime steel casing.

Contact us if you do not see what you need. If you require bespoke tools, let us know your requirements and we will manufacture them in-house.