Drill rods and sub adaptors

Drilling supplies UK stocks multiple rotary drill rods and coinciding API sub adaptors.

Friction welded drill rods
All of our API drill rods have friction-welded tool joints on them with spanner flats. These are made with high strength alloy steel and high tolerance seamless tube. These are fundamental tools in any drilling rig set-up. Because of their heavy, strong make up, they have a long life span.

Standard sizes

API sub adaptors
We manufacture all our own API sub adaptors from a high strength alloy steel. These can be made to just about any thread and in any variation. We can also copy customers’ examples or drawings to any specification, including hex parts, BSP threads and bespoke options. In addition to sub adaptors, we manufacture non-return valves with ball-bearing-spring components to any thread or variation the customer requires.