Down-the-hole (DTH) bits

Diamond-cube core bits are made using thermally stable, cube-shaped diamond cutters. They are mounted on a castle-top formation with a standard face discharge. We can supply with an internal discharge if required.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) core bits are the most used in the UK and are ideally suited to soft–medium–hard formations such as clay, sandstone and limestone. They have clam-shaped cutters on the cutting face and are offset to enable an efficient coring bit.

Impregnated diamond core bits are used in rocky ground conditions on a high rotation speed to ensure a good penetration rate. They are manufactured with synthetic diamonds in an alloy matrix crown on the cutting face. We have series 1 (soft) to series 10 (hard). We also provide surface set bits, double PCD inserts and other special bits.

Three-wing step drag bits are made to a bespoke design. They are tough, long-lasting and range in size from 3 ⅞ to 24” in diameter.

Full-hole PCD bits are solid and used with PCD cutters on the cutting face with face-discharge ports.

Tricone rock bits have three cylindrical cutters on bearings, mounted onto an API threaded body. We provide steel tooth (most common) or TCI inserts.

TC casing shoes are used on the end of casing strings. They are made with hexagonal tungsten carbide inserts with a staggered formation for cutting into soft–medium formations.