Coring systems

Drilling Supplies UK manufactures and stocks all tooling for the rotary drilling method, from sub adaptors, drill bits and rod guides to coring systems. Rotary drilling is done using larger type rigs, normally vertically but angle holes can also be drilled to great depths. These tracked rigs have rotation speeds up to 1000 RPM and are used for the geothermal, water well and geotechnical markets. These are used to drill by the rotary method to extract soil and/or rock samples before they are sent for laboratory analysis.

Coring system types and sizing

Wireline drilling
We also offer ranges to suit wireline drilling, which is becoming a more and more common requirement, as it achieves excellent quality samples to great depths.

Main sizes offered

Product specifications
All systems are offered in 1.5 and 3-metre lengths. We store various accessories, including extension tubes, catcher boxes and core springs.