Coreboxes and coreliners

Coreboxes are used to store retrieved core samples and to transport them to a laboratory for testing. Drilling Supplies UK manufactures all its coreboxes internally. We are the largest supplier in the UK and can manufacture any size or variation. Stock sizes are or 1 or 1.5 metres in length in standard core sizes. We also stock a plastic alternative in three or five channel sizes with a lid. The plastic alternative stacks more easily when empty and is ideal for shipping overseas.

PVC coreliners are used in coring systems to keep core samples intact when extracted from a core barrel. They are a clear PVC durable and flexible material. We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of liner sizes. We stock many standard sizes, measuring 1–3 metres in length. However, most sizes can be made to order. We offer next-day delivery to most of the UK.

Various measurements of our window and dynamic sample liners

Rotary coreliner measurements