Cable percussion tooling

Cable percussion or shell and auger is an original and effective drilling method. This method has been around for the longest period in drilling. It involves a tripod-shaped rig that is towed to the borehole location. It has an engine-mounted winch that drops threaded weight bars onto the cable tools using a percussion method. Cable percussion drilling can achieve good depths in suitable ground conditions and can be a cost-effective method. We manufacture an entire range of cable tooling using new high-grade materials.

Standard lines include

  • new prime steel casing, any size or length variation
  • clay cutters with API thread, ring and hardened shoe
  • water bailers with API thread, clack and hardened shoe
  • solid weight bars, top swivel, intermediate and short
  • surging pins made from strong alloy steel material
  • cross cutters to various sizes to API threads
  • heavy-duty cross chisels
  • drive caps, including lifting heads with holes, with male or female threads
  • all associated shoes, heads, rings, etc.
  • We offer a full repair service for damaged tooling. If possible, we will salvage damaged parts for extended use. However, if the item is beyond repair, we will source new parts. We organise collection and redelivery of repair work at cost, ensuring a smooth and easy process for you.