Ancillary products

Water bailers
Water bailer sampling is accomplished by attaching the bailer to a line and lowering, usually by hand, into the liquid to be sampled, until the desired sampling depth is reached. As the bailer is lowered, the bottom check valve allows water to flow through the bailer. When the bailer is retrieved, the weight of the water closes the bottom check valve. The sample taken is a composite of water from the liquid being sampled. This is generally used for very shallow sampling.

Sample bags
We supply quality 20” × 30” polythene bulk bags and also small 10” × 15” sample bags. Geological sample bags are a must-have item, especially for exploration geologists, surveyors and field researchers when the collection of rock, fossil, mineral and geochemical soil samples is needed. With this comes a need to store samples and prevent contamination.

Sample tubs
We supply 550 ml and 1 litre sample tubs that each come with a lid. Sample tubs are used for collecting samples after drilling and are ideal for samples from undisturbed methods like U100 sizes. These tubs can be labelled up accordingly and are very convenient for labs.

Water dip tapes
We supply water dip tapes in the following sizes: 30 m, 50 m, 100 m, 150 m. These are used to measure the depth at which water is present in boreholes and give off a high-pitched sound at the point of contact with water.

Reusable bag ties
We stock reusable bag ties for tying off the sample bags when these are full. These keep the bags sealed on their way to the lab for testing and as their names suggests, they can be reused multiple times.