Drilling additives

Core range of drilling additives

Our range of high-quality drilling muds and polymers facilitates the primary function of drilling fluids, which is to provide pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering a wellbore. The products keep drill bits cool and clean while boring, carrying out drill cuttings and suspending the cuttings when work is paused. Overall, the products help to avoid formation damage and limit corrosion.

Foam Plus, a premium anionic surfactant, is formulated for use in oil and gas and mineral projects and water well and geotechnical drilling operations. Foam Plus is environmentally friendly and biodegradable and generates instant high-quality foam of exceptional stability. It also produces stable foam at low concentrations. It is compatible with all types of makeup water, including brackish, salty and hard water. It improves hole cleaning and increases the penetration rate.

Barite powder
Barite powder is a weighting agent used for preparing water-based mud. We stock the powder in 25-kg bags.

Pure bore
Pure bore is an environmentally friendly, high-performance drilling powder used for rapidly mixing a highly stable mud system that is tolerant of multiple oilfield contaminants, such as cement, calcium, magnesium, carbonate and low-gravity solids. We stock the product in 25-kg bags or a 25-kg box (5-kg sachets).

Liquid mud
Liquid mud is a liquid clay and/or shale encapsulator and viscosifier readily dispersible, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, ultra-high-yield drilling fluid. It has multiple uses in drilling applications. Liquid mud provides outstanding borehole stability and cuttings removal in a wide range of ground conditions. It comes in a 25-litre drum.

Soda ash
Soda ash has multiple tasks in drilling mud and many other fields. It is usually used as a pH controller owing to its high pH. It reduces calcium, neutralises acids and maintains the alkalinity of drilling fluid. Soda ash is also known as sodium carbonate. We stock 25-kg bags.

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